4 Reasons Why a Fence Around Your Dumpster Is More Important Than You Think

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Whether we’re talking about the home or the office, the truth is that most of us don’t think twice about what we throw away, even if it’s potentially sensitive information. Most employees simply take their trash to the bin, and then those bins are tossed into the dumpster.

Unfortunately, unsavory individuals may check the dumpster for any information they can use to take advantage of businesses, employees, and anyone else. With just a few bits of information, thieves can get all they need to compromise identities and accounts.

Fortunately, you can prevent this by placing a secure fence around your dumpster. In fact, securing your dumpster has more benefits than just security. Read on to discover a few of the most important reasons to put a fence around your dumpster.

1.    A Dumpster Is a Thief’s Paradise

An unlocked dumpster is a free-for-all when it comes to theft. After all, if it’s not locked, then anyone can come and rummage through what was thrown away.

Unfortunately, some people are down on their luck and will try to get any salvageable food thrown into the trash. However, thieves are also in that same dumpster trying to obtain sensitive information. Everything from credit card statements to invoices can reveal a lot more about your business than you anticipated.

Thankfully, you can not only lock the dumpster but also put up a fence that will keep thieves out. The fence is so essential because thieves are always looking for the spot with the greatest opportunity and the lowest barrier of entry.

Speed is most important to thieves. They don’t want to mess with fences and locks. The more time a thief spends rummaging in the dumpster, the better the chance of being seen by passersby or law enforcement.

Dumpster enclosures in Austin are very common and help the business community at large protect valuable data.

2.    Fences Improve the Look of the Dumpster

While it’s true that trash management is an essential part of a business’s operations, that doesn’t mean that everyone has to look at the dumpsters. Fences and gates around dumpsters help make waste management a discreet affair.

When high-value clients tour a facility, they are looking at more than just your facility and employees. They are looking at how well the grounds are maintained, including how your waste gets handled. Is there trash constantly overflowing the dumpsters? This is not only unprofessional, but it’s also unsanitary.

Do your company a favor and get a commercial dumpster enclosure that keeps your dumpster spaces on the property looking as tidy as possible.

3.    Dumpster Enclosures Improve Trash Management

Do you have one facility that always seems to gather more trash than others? If it doesn’t have a fence and lock system, that’s probably because random foot traffic is simply throwing trash in the nearest dumpster. If that happens to be your business, that’s that. They aren’t going to stop and concern themselves with your trash fees!

Turn to dumpster enclosures to improve your trash management. If you are constantly getting overflow fees from your waste management service, you can save a lot of money by investing in an enclosure instead. People can’t use your dumpsters if they don’t have access to them.

“If you are constantly getting overflow fees from your waste management service, you can save a lot of money by investing in an enclosure instead.”

4.    Access Control Is Simplified

Speaking of access, a dumpster enclosure ensures that you’re controlling access to the dumpsters and limiting it to specific people. Regular employees will not make runs to the dumpster, so you can improve efficiency in facilities maintenance by ensuring only a set group of people have access to the dumpsters.

Dumpster gates don’t just keep people out—they keep efficiency and organization as top priorities for businesses. A gate allows you to know exactly who has control and when, especially in combination with existing security systems.

Commercial enclosures make this such an easy fix, and they cost a lot less than trying to build some sort of complicated system on your own.

Common Materials for Fences and Enclosures

Once you realize how important it is to get a fence around your dumpster, you’re ready to look at the available materials. As you might imagine, every material has its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, a chain-link fence deters some people from crossing over to your dumpster, but it doesn’t give you the full protection you deserve.

Iron fencing is a popular option, as it holds up to year-round weather. You can also blend iron and stone together to create a really stunning option that’s also secure.

There are multiple combinations that are an excellent fit, and we always go over your options for your unique situation at no charge.

Design a Custom Dumpster Fence in Austin with Northwest Fence and Iron

With the rising number of corporate thefts originating from dumpsters, it makes good business sense to look into getting a commercial dumpster enclosure. By following some of the tips in this guide, you’ll have a good foundation for your dumpster gate installation in Austin.

At Northwest Fence and Iron, we can work with you to design just about any custom fence and enclosure combo that you’re looking for. After a consultation, we can generate a quote based on your needs. If you run into any questions or need a bit more help, contact us for more information.

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