6 Outdoor Upgrades to Boost Your Property Value

Many potential home buyers judge a house before they even step into it. A shabby exterior leads to an unfavorable snap decision that even a stunning interior might struggle to alter. 

Sprucing up the exterior of a home doesn’t just improve curb appeal. It also has the potential to add value to the property—a win-win situation for sellers. 

From wrought iron fencing to fire pits, there’s a range of ways in which homeowners can improve the exterior of their homes.

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1. Incorporate a few simple lawn care tasks.

A lush green lawn catches the eye of everybody that visits. And although it may seem like a daunting task, especially to non-gardeners, a beautiful green lawn isn’t too tricky to achieve. 

Follow these simple tips for a thriving lawn. 

  • If you cut the grass too short, there’s a risk it’ll start to go brown and die off. So, aim to only cut 1/3 of the grass blade with each cut. 
  • Remove all dead leaves and debris, especially in the spring and fall.
  • Water regularly. The best time to water a lawn is in the morning. 

2. Add a pop of color with flower beds or planters. 

A beautifully landscaped garden adds ambiance and a touch of luxury to a property. Green spaces are also beneficial for mental health because they promote happiness – ideal for giving potential buyers that feel-good vibe. 

Plant some low-maintenance shrubs to create a sense of calm. But add in a splash of color here and there in flower beds or planters to give the garden a vibrant feel. 

3. Include a fire feature.

A fire feature is an attractive aspect of an outdoor space. It’s a great focal point and a perfect way to get family and friends together when entertaining. After all, there’s no better feeling than gathering around a fire, feeling the warmth of the flames, and watching the mesmerizing flicker of light. 

A landscaped exterior with a fire feature can encourage the sale of a home since it’s an unusual feature that sticks in a buyer’s mind. 

4. Add a shed.

Remarkably, some real estate professionals say that adding a shed can boost a home’s value by up to $15,000. That’s certainly something worth thinking about! 

A shed is a handy addition to the storage space of a home for a variety of reasons.

  • Sheds help with garden organization. Maintaining a beautiful garden requires tools and outdoor equipment like mowers and trimmers. A shed is the ideal storage space for all those implements. 
  • Sheds that match the style and color of the exterior of a home look aesthetically pleasing. Some sheds even offer the potential to be converted into summer houses or hobby areas. 
  • Moving is a stressful time. A shed offers up the perfect spot for storing household items until the move takes place.

5. Add in an outdoor kitchen and dining area.

Let’s face it. There’s something special about eating outside. Alfresco entertaining is an easy way to entertain, and on a beautiful summer’s evening, it’s a fabulous way to enjoy the balmy weather. 

An outdoor kitchen and dining area is a unique feature that sets a property apart from others. And what’s more, it doesn’t need to be anything too fancy. Make it as impressive or as understated as suits the property. Whether it’s a simple pizza oven or a complete outdoor kitchen, match it with a comfortable seating area, and it’ll create a lasting impression. Or go one step further and create a party vibe with an outdoor bar. 

“A professionally installed fence has the potential to increase the value of a property by up to 20% making it a worthwhile and credible investment.”

6. Call in a fence contractor in Austin.

Fences are worthwhile additions to a property. They have many uses: providing a decorative feel,  providing privacy, keeping pets inside and other critters out, and more. 

But the best thing about fencing?

A professionally installed fence has the potential to increase the value of a property by up to 20% making it a worthwhile and credible investment. 

Whether it’s wrought iron fencing or a new wooden fence, they boost a property’s value in a number of ways.

  • A fence provides decorative benefits. Ornamental iron fencing can enhance the appearance of a home’s exterior. A beautifully designed fence adds elegance and sophistication. The structure of ornamental iron fencing also allows light to filter through. 
  • Wooden fencing in Austin is becoming a popular choice. No matter which wood you choose, this type of fencing adds a homey feel to a property. Occasionally, some wood rots after a while, but it’s easy to replace a wooden fence at an affordable price. 
  • Having a fence installed by a professional contractor ensures the fence stands the test of time. A fence installed to a high standard will still be standing when the property sells. 

Boosting Your Property Value with Wood and Iron Fencing in Austin

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