Choosing The Perfect Gate For Your Garden

Your garden’s gate is the entrance to a whole new world you’ve cultivated outside of your home. Fresh veggies, flowers as big as your head, and tubers just begging to be gripped and pulled from the Earth all await you beyond the gate. So does the peace of mind that you’ve created an outdoor oasis ripe for enjoying the natural beauty that Austin has to offer.

The style you choose, whether it’s lockable or left open, and the contractor you hire for gate services in Austin – all seemingly small decisions you make as you plan, build, and grow your garden – matters in the grand scheme of it all. 


Security Considerations

You’ve spent time, energy, and money planning out the perfect garden setup and the right vegetables to plant during the correct season in Austin. But have you considered the security of the fencing that surrounds it and the gates you enter through? 

Maybe you want a tall privacy fence to keep pesky wildlife from snacking on your hard-earned food or low, decorative fencing to achieve an easy-going cottage vibe. Perhaps an open archway speaks more to you than a gate with a lock and key. Whatever you’re looking for, it’s important to consider how secure you need your Austin garden to be before it’s time for gate installation.

“A sleek, modern fence will look out of place surrounding a historic house, but pair it with a new build and you have yourself a gorgeous addition to your home’s exterior.”

Privacy Fencing

The height and coverage of your fencing matter. If you need to keep animals – or other intruders – out, a privacy fence is a great option. Or maybe you’d still like for others to admire your backdoor garden. In that case, consider opting for tall, slatted fencing to achieve your desired look while keeping security tight.

Powered Gates and Operators

For even more added security, you can go with a powered gate or operator. From automatic openers like a garage to a keypad or keyless entry system, if you have a garden you want to keep secure, we have the solution for you.

Style Considerations

You will probably spend the most time considering the style of your new garden gate. And for good reason! You wouldn’t want a chain link fence surrounding a small cottage garden and you might not go for an ornate iron gate if your home gives off a farmhouse feel.

The style of your home, your garden, your current fencing, and your neighborhood should be taken into account when you choose the perfect garden gate. From simple to ornate, arbor or no arbor, and metal, wood, or composite fencing material… the choice is yours.

Garden and Landscape Style

Understanding the style of your garden will help you decide what gate will complement it best. A simple wooden gate is perfect for your small cottage garden while a metal gate brings an air of sophistication to your abode. You can even choose a gate with an arbor to lure the eye upward if the rest of your landscape is fairly flat and you want to add dimension. Whatever you decide, you need to find a trusted fence contractor in Austin to bring your ideas to life.

Home Style

A sleek, modern fence will look out of place surrounding a historic house, but pair it with a new build and you have yourself a gorgeous addition to your home’s exterior. The style of your home and the location you live has a huge effect on the fencing you use for your garden.

Fence Style

Similar to home style, the style of your fencing needs to make sense for the area you live in and what it will be used for. Consider a simple fence for a small cottage garden or an ornate iron gate to add sophistication to your grand estate.

Neighborhood Style

Neighborhood style matters too! If you have a homeowners association, you will likely have to meet their requirements for fencing. This will likely mean you have to stick with certain guidelines and get similar fencing to your neighbors so you don’t stand out. But if you don’t? The world is your oyster and you can get as creative as you’d like to bring your garden ideas to fruition with fencing that matches your vibe.

Contractor Considerations

Choosing a reliable fence installer in Austin should be one of the first things on your to-do list if you want it to be done right. For fence installation in Austin, there are two things, in particular, we recommend you look out for: reviews and insurance.

Highly Reviewed and Respected

For highly rated fencing services in Austin, go with a company that’s trusted by your peers. Check Angie’s List, BBB, and Google Reviews to find out how others feel about the workmanship and professionalism of the contractors you’re considering.

Insured For Your Protection

The Austin fencing company you hire for your garden project needs to be insured. This protects you and keeps the company accountable if anything were to go wrong during installation.

Get The Perfect Gate For Your Austin Fence At Northwest Fence & Iron

If you need a fence company in Austin to help with your next garden project, go with Northwest Fence & Iron. We carry a wide variety of fences and gates, no matter the style, size, or security you’re looking for. Contact us today to get the garden of your dreams and keep whatever you grow within it protected!

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