Pickleball and Sport Court Fencing

Pickleball’s popularity is skyrocketing all over the US. Players of all ages are becoming interested in the beginner-friendly sport, increasing the demand for pickleball courts everywhere.

Whether you’re building a court at a school, rec center, tournament venue, park, or country club, fencing is a crucial component of making the game safe and fun. With the best options for a strong, durable pickleball fence Austin has to offer, you can count on Northwest Fence & Iron to meet the demands of this fast-growing sport and many others.

Types of Sport Court Fencing

  • Pickleball

  • Volleyball

  • Inline hockey

  • Basketball

  • Tennis

  • Multi-courts

Benefits of Our Sport Court Fencing

Natural Light and Visibility

Our sport court fences combine security with plenty of natural light and visibility for competitors and spectators.


It’s not every day you build a court on your property. Our chain link and iron fences are designed to last as long as you want to play the game.

Designed to Your Specifications

All sports have regulations and standards for court fencing to keep the game inside the perimeter and protect the players and spectators.


Sport court fencing needs to stand up to a lot of abuse during gameplay. Our fences are guaranteed to take everything you have and then some


Iron and chain link fencing offers high visibility without compromising security. You won’t need to worry about trespassers using or vandalizing your court after hours.

No matter your needs, we’ll work with you to ensure you have a safe, secure, regulation fence.

Design Your Sport Court Fence in Austin

Sport court fencing runs the gamut from chain link to iron. Whether you’re renovating a current tennis court into pickleball, adding a basketball court to your home, or building a new sport court from scratch, Northwest Fence & Iron has plenty of options to design your fence to your exact looks and specifications.

In addition, our fences can be equipped with padded tops, walk or drive gates, and more, giving you functionality for your court that fits the space and the sport. We can install both interior and perimeter fences if you have a multi-court space.

Northwest Fence and Iron employs an exceptional crew of full-service contractors with plenty of experience designing fencing according to sports regulations. We’ll expertly install your fence and provide unparalleled customer service to satisfy your needs. No matter why you need a sport court fence, Austin residents and business owners can learn more about our fencing options by calling us at 512-FENCING (512-219-5901).

We’d love to walk you through our design process and show you some of our recent projects for pickleball court fences and other sport court fences in the Austin area.

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