Have a Pool? Here Are the Fencing Regulations You Need to Know

Our Texas weather is glorious, but it comes with a steep temperature for many of the summer months. What better way to cool off at home, without spiking your air conditioning bill all the time, than a pool!

But pools come with their own set of concerns, such as child and pet safety, as well as security. Keeping your pool fenced is the best option for both! Top-rated fence contractor in Austin is sharing the fencing regulations you need to know to keep your family and your property safe. 

“The top two recommended fencing products for Austin neighborhoods and homes are wrought iron fences and wood fences.”

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Why Pool Fencing Is Crucial

Of course, you want your family and friends to enjoy your pool but access must be regulated for safety. Pool fences are the perfect protective feature that will help you reduce the risk of injury or accidental drowning.

Austin’s Pool Fencing Regulations

The State of Texas has regulations in place regarding pool fencing for a “multi-unit rental complex with a pool or a property owners association that owns, controls, or maintains a pool.”[1] These regulations can be found within chapter 757 of the State Health and Safety Code. 

In summary, it references the required enclosure of residential swimming pools and the guidelines they must meet. Fencing and enclosures must be at least 48 inches tall and measured from the ground on the side away from the pool.[2]

Any gaps underneath the enclosure must be small enough that a sphere that measures 4 inches or more in diameter could not pass beneath it and chain link fencing is entirely prohibited for any post-1994 pool yard enclosures.[3]

If you’ve settled on wrought iron fencing, any decorative cutouts or designs may not have any openings greater than 1 and 3/4 inches in any direction. If there are any permanent buildings nearby, they cannot be placed so that one can easily climb over the pool enclosure.[4]

Don’t forget about the gates or access points! Gates and doors around a pool must be self-closing and must automatically latch securely when shut. The same is true for sliding or french doors that open directly to the pool. They must automatically latch and have a spring-loaded door-hinge pin or automatic closer in addition to a keyless bolting device.[5]

Recommended Pool Fencing: Austin Speaks

Choosing the most appropriate pool fence for your home will offer the best possible protection from injury, damage, and potentially even a tragedy. The top two recommend fencing products for Austin neighborhoods and homes are wrought iron fences and wood fences. 

Depending on your needs, here are a few considerations before choosing the best fit for you.

Permanent or Removable Fencing

Removable fences often offer the quickest fix but come with other concerns. They are usually an eyesore and not sturdy enough to truly offer enough safety. Nor are they likely to meet all of the required fencing regulations. 

Pool Enclosure and Fencing Costs

Compare the cost of wood fencing vs wrought iron fencing. Austin homeowners and homeowners’ association administrators should include fencing materials, installation, appropriate height, total distance, and gate access. 

While both materials are designed and made to last, you may find that wood fencing requires upkeep sooner than wrought iron. Our galvanized steel fencing requires little to no maintenance and will last up to fifty years in the country and as many as thirty years in the suburbs.

Wrought Iron Vs. Wood Fencing: Austin Aesthetics

Curb appeal and aesthetics are important factors when planning your pool enclosure. This is an arrangement you’ll have to look at every day for as long as you live in that home. 

Both wrought iron and wood fences can be painted to match your exterior space, making both an aesthetically pleasing option. 

Safe Pool Visibility

When you look out towards the pool from your home or outdoor space, it is convenient and safe to be able to see what or who may be in the pool.

Depending on the style you choose, a wood fence may not offer this high visibility, whereas you would be able to easily see through wrought iron fencing. Austin homeowners that work with a fencing contractor often choose wrought iron as the safest enclosure.

Wood and Wrought Iron Fencing: Austin’s Best!

Staying safe while also enjoying the pool is not only possible, it’s essential! Ensure that your property and your people are protected with properly installed wood or wrought iron fencing around your outdoor pool space. Northwest Fence & Iron is the premier fencing contractor Austin homeowners trust. Call today for a pool fence consultation. 







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