How to Plan a Fence Layout that Works for Your Home

When you’re planning to install a wood fence or wrought iron fencing, placement is everything. Your yard is unique and your new fencing solution may not be cut and dry. It’s important to plan your layout in advance so that your final design is one that works for what you need.

As a top-rated fence contractor in Austin, we at Northwest Fence & Iron want you to have a fence you love! In this article, we’ll share a bit of advice on how to plan a fence layout that works for your home and your family.

Accurately Map Out Property Lines

If you’re fencing your entire yard or you intend to connect at property lines, you need to have these boundaries clearly marked prior to installation. Fencing and yard decor should not extend beyond your property boundaries. This is key to avoiding any neighborhood or HOA disputes.

HOA and Local Regulations

Local requirements and guidelines for fencing will vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. Before beginning to dig make sure you have accurate parameters to inform your planning and design decisions.

You may have additional challenges to address if you live in a historic neighborhood or share an easement with other homeowners.


Choose a Fence Style Carefully

Your fencing is something you, your neighbors, and your friends and family will be looking at every single day. Beyond that, your fence will need to impress any future buyers should you someday decide to make a new home somewhere else.

When choosing the style for your fence, take into account the aesthetic of your home and the overall feel of the neighborhood. What will match in both style and functionality for the longest period of time? Or, if you are dreaming of a specific kind of fence, hang pictures or renderings up before installation to get used to how it looks.

Fencing isn’t just eye candy. It must also function for entertaining, security, and pet containment. Choose a style that works best for you and your family’s needs.

To enhance your home’s curb appeal, plan for a balanced look on both sides of your home. This doesn’t mean the front door has to be dead center but create an aesthetically pleasing balance or employ photography’s rule of thirds.

Recreation Space and Backyard Fence Planning Tips

When fencing connects to other functional parts of your home, it’s important to plan for gates along with equipment and vehicle access points. Latches and gate locks should be high enough to be out of reach of children.

Don’t forget to leave space for your garbage and recycling bins for easy access. Any exterior utilities such as gas and air conditioning should be left outside the fence. This will make life easier for visiting technicians and meter readers.

If you have recreational vehicles or visitors who travel with them, plan enough room to park them behind the fence for additional security. This also requires gates that are big enough to accommodate large vehicles. If you plan to add a shed, greenhouse, playhouse, or shop in the future, make sure there is room inside the fencing.

If you have a pool or outdoor kitchen, plan for enough room around these features to still enjoy them without causing a safety hazard.

Be Realistic About Costs and Maintenance

Your initial investment and the cost of maintenance over time can cancel each other out in the long run. Our recommendation is to plan ahead and reduce the amount of maintenance required by investing in the most durable and comprehensive fencing solution from the beginning.

If the kind of fence you choose requires regular maintenance or additional treatment, you may grow weary of the added costs and time required to keep it functional and looking in top condition.

Weather and Sound-Related Concerns For Fencing

Solid wooden fencing will block any wind effectively, but it will also cast a shadow over your space at certain times of the day. This is helpful in summer but could be annoying in cooler months. Consider a combination of fencing styles that are strategically placed to take advantage of the Austin weather.

If you live in a lively neighborhood, on a busy street, or near a major thoroughfare, a solid fence will do a better job of canceling the nuisance noise that filters into your outdoor space. The taller and more sturdy the fence, the less noise you will hear.

Northwest Fence and Iron: The Premier Fence Contractor in Austin

Our expert team can help you plan your fence from concept to completion so you don’t miss a thing! We plan and install only the highest quality wood fences, wrought iron fencing, and security fencing Austin has to offer.

With over 23 years of industry experience, Northwest Fence and Iron manufactures, designs, and installs fences of all shapes, sizes, and materials. Contact our team, and let’s bring your fence dreams home!

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