Improve Your Home’s Value with Security Fencing

Few things can improve the value of a home better than an attractive, secure home security fence. This kind of fencing ensures your loved ones and possessions stay safe while adding a touch of curb appeal to your Austin home.


Why a Security Fence Adds Value to Your Home

There are several reasons why investing in high-security fencing in Austin makes sense for your home. 

Protecting Your Home From Intruders

The primary purpose of a security fence is to protect your house from intruders who might want to enter without permission. The best way to do this is by having a fence installed around all sides of your property. 

The height of your fence depends on the level of security you want. The higher the fence, the less likely an intruder can climb over it. A tall fence also increases your privacy. 

Security fencing, Austin, often has motion sensor lights placed strategically around the perimeter of the fence – another boost to your home's security. 


A security fence keeps your home safe while maintaining your privacy. Many people do not want others looking into their backyard or house without permission, so a security fence around your property provides an additional layer of protection from prying eyes. 

Creating a driveway and placing a gate at the entrance of your fence allows you to control who enters or leaves your property. Your local fence contractor, Austin, can provide more information about fitting gates into security fencing.  

Keeps children and pets safe 

Children and pets are curious by nature. As a result, they often wander away from home and into dangerous situations without even realizing it. 

A security fence helps keep children safe by creating a barrier between them and the outside world. So you can let them play outside safely while having peace of mind. 

Landscaping opportunities

Fences can be part of landscaping plans, making your home and garden look more attractive. Add beautiful vegetation along their length or build them to match other features, such as garden walls, to blend in with their surroundings. 

“A security fence helps keep children safe by creating a barrier between them and the outside world.”

What to Look for in Security Fencing and Gates, Austin, to Improve your Home's Value

There are many different types of fences suitable for keeping your home secure. Consider the following points before carrying out your fence installation, Austin. 


A good security fence should be unobtrusive and blend in with the surroundings. For example, if you live in a rural area, you might want to use wood or stone instead of metal or plastic for your fencing material. Another option is to paint your fence a color that blends in with your home's exterior. 


Security is important when choosing the right fencing material for your property. You want to ensure that your new fencing not only looks good but also keeps intruders out of your yard and off your property. Some common types of fencing include chain link fencing, wood fencing, vinyl-coated wire fencing, and electric fences. Your local fence installer, Austin, will point you toward the right fence for your home. 


You want to make sure that your new security fence will last as long as possible – you don't have to replace it later down the line. Chain link fences are more durable than wood fences because they can withstand weather conditions. The gaps allow the wind to blow through rather than against the fence. 


Your budget is probably important in deciding what kind of fence to get. You can find good quality outdoor fencing in Austin at a wide range of prices, but if you want something more expensive than stockade fencing or chain link, you'll need to invest a little more. 

Can you fit it yourself, or do you need a fence company, Austin

A professional has experience with different types of fencing. Moreover, they know how to install each type properly, so they don't break down over time or cause problems, like rotting wood or rusting paint on metal fences. With this knowledge, they can ensure that your new fence will last without needing many repairs or replacements.

What do I Need to do Before Installing a Security Fence? 

The first step is ensuring your yard is ready for a sturdy fence. Check your yard for any obstacles that could impede the installation process. Trees, shrubs, rocks, and other items can get in the way of installing a fence, so it's essential to remove them before construction 


If you have neighbors, it's polite to check with them before installing a high fence. Make sure you know where your property's border lies, so there are no disagreements. 

Need a Security Fence Company, Austin? 

Northwest Fence and Iron stock a wide variety of security fencing. Increase the value of your home with our decorative fencing for every home and budget.  

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