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How You Can Use a Wooden Fence for Your Cottage Garden To Make It Unique To You

Your cottage garden is as unique as the plants you decide to grow in it. It should have its own true-to-you design, layout, and fencing to match. 

When you opt for a trusted wood fencing company in Austin for your fencing needs, you can get exactly what you need at a price-point that leaves room in your budget for what you really want – more plants for your growing garden!

“Your cottage garden is as unique as the plants you decide to grow in it. It should have its own true-to-you design, layout, and fencing to match.

Why A Wooden Fence Is A Good Fit For Cottage Gardens

Fencing is not just a nicety for gardens. Often, they’re necessary to keep out unwanted visitors or create separate spaces for each variety of plants and veggies you grow. But why a wooden fence? For one, they are more economical than iron, rock or other materials commonly chosen as fencing.

A wooden fence is great for cottage gardens for a plethora of other reasons:

  • Wood can be painted to match your garden’s style
  • It can withstand the elements and is easy to maintain
  • A wooden fence is functionally appropriate for a garden setting
  • Wood is an inexpensive material for fencing
  • You can choose between a variety of different charming styles to suit your aesthetic
  • It’s simple to move or rearrange as your garden changes

If you need fencing services in Austin for your cottage garden, look no further. Northwest Fence & Iron is the fencing company in Austin that can provide you with the exact style and function you need at a price-point you can afford.

Cottage Garden Wooden Fence Design Tips

There are so many different ways you can use a wooden fence in your cottage garden. The first step though, is finding a reputable Austin fence installer.

For fence installation you can trust in Austin, go with Northwest Fence & Iron. We set up your fencing to suit the function of your garden so you can spend your time designing it. Need some tips from the experts? We have a few to get your inspiration flowing.

Get Clear On A Seamless Style

Your garden is an extension of your home. It is a part of the landscape, which means the color, material, and style of your house should be taken into account when choosing your fencing.

We know it’s important that your wooden fence matches the style of your house. That’s why we have a wide array of wooden fencing options to choose from depending on your needs and aesthetic. Whether you want slats, privacy, or a little bit of both, you can get exactly what you want to create the cottage garden of your dreams.

Have Fun With Color Or Keep It All Natural

Austin is a city known for its eccentric energy and “weird” residents. Lean into the ethos of Austin by having a little fun with your fence color! Paint your wooden fence a bold color, go with natural stain, or do both – just make sure it’s uniquely you. 

Separate Your Squash From Your Sunflowers

It’s likely that your cottage garden is home to dozens of different plants, vegetables, and tubers. You can customize fencing to separate your squash from your sunflowers or use a short fence to add a decorative detail to the perimeter of your vegetable boxes. The choice is yours!

Wick Moisture Away With The Right Stain

Some plants are more finicky than others. If you’re a seasoned gardener, you know the power of a good moisture-blocking stain for wooden fences. You can get wood in a variety of colors to match the style you want to achieve to keep your garden functional and fresh all year long.

Consider The Future Of Your Garden 

Wooden fencing is a great option for your cottage garden for a lot of reasons. One of the most convenient, though? The ability to easily remove and replace it with new fencing or adapt the current fencing to a new garden layout of your choice.

If you find yourself constantly planting new varieties of veggies and reorganizing the layout of your garden, a wooden fence is one of the best materials for you to choose. It’s durable, quick to install, and doesn’t require you to apply for planning permission if you need to move it. 

Call Northwest Fence & Iron In Austin For Wooden Fence Installation For Your Cottage Garden

The wooden fence of your dreams to complement your cottage garden is within reach. When you choose trusted fence installers from Northwest Fence & Iron, you get stylish, high-quality fencing at a price-point that works for you and leaves room in your budget for more plants. Happy gardening!

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