The Best Fencing For Security & Privacy

Whether it’s in an urban, rural, or suburban community, adding a fence around the perimeter of a yard offers incredible benefits to a homeowners life. Fences can improve the appearance of a home, increase the resale price of a home, and most importantly: to add security and privacy to a yard. 

4 Ways That Fences Can Add Privacy And Security To A Yard

Some of the privacy and security-related concerns that a high-quality fence can help homeowners with include:

  • Deterring Break-Ins: installing a tall fence deters robbers from stealing anything in the backyard, and makes it much more difficult for home invasions to occur 
  • Privacy From Neighbors: a fence surrounding the yard will prevent nosy neighbors from spying on backyard events 
  • Prevents Escapes: a fenced in yard allows dogs and young children to run around freely without the risk of them running away 
  • Keeps Out Dangerous Animals: fences help to keep out any stray or wild animals that could cause harm to beloved pets or damage the features of a yard 

Popular Fencing For Security & Privacy: An Overview 

Residential fences come in all shapes, sizes, colors, designs, price points, and materials, which makes choosing one for security and privacy an overwhelming process. To make this decision a little bit easier, here is an overview of the security and privacy features of 3 popular backyard fencing options: 

#1: Wooden Fences

A new wooden fence offers homeowners unmatched privacy in their yard. This is because the gaps of space between the wooden panels can be completely closed off if desired. This prevents anyone from peeking in between the cracks of the fence, which gives owners peace of mind to know that they are completely secluded from the view of the outside world. 

On the other hand, wooden fences are not as durable as iron fences and are more prone to damages and wear and tear. This makes them less secure than iron fencing over time. That being said, they are generally a much more affordable fencing option, with many protective sealants available to help with their durability issue. 

With wooden fencing, Austin residents can easily customize, paint, and design their fences to meet their unique fencing needs. Some of the most common varieties of a wood fence include: 

  • Pine wood 
  • Spruce wood
  • Cedar wood
  • Cypress wood
  • Redwood

#2: Ornamental and Wrought Iron Fencing

There’s a reason why iron fencing is one of the most popular fencing options for professional security gates. First off, wrought and ornamental iron fences are made of strong and durable materials that truly withstand just about anything that comes in its way. These fences are typically much more difficult to climb and hop over than chain link or wooden fences. 

While wrought and ornamental iron fences have both a beautiful curb appeal and great durability against potential intruders, they do not provide nearly as much privacy as a wooden fence does. Unlike the panels on a wooden fence, the gaps between iron fences make yards easily visible to neighbors and passersby. Iron fencing in Austin is also more expensive. 

The biggest difference between wrought iron and ornamental iron fencing is that ornamental iron is more affordable and much easier to maintain and install than traditional wrought iron. 

#3: Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are easily one of the most affordable options of fencing to choose from and don’t require very much maintenance or upkeep. While a chain link fence adds a level of security to the home by keeping pets or children from running away, it is not nearly as protective as a wooden or iron fence. Similarly, chain link fences have plenty of holes that don’t allow for any sort of yard privacy. 

The Bottom Line

It is important to note that all three types of fencing offer a unique set of pros and cons. To summarize, a wooden fence is undoubtedly the best option for privacy. An iron fence is the best fit for home security and durability. A chain link fence is best left for homeowners on tighter budgets without too many security or privacy concerns. 

In addition to just security and privacy, homeowners should also consider these factors when choosing the best-fit fence for their yard: 

  • Personal style and type of home
  • Price point
  • Desired fence accessories 
  • Maintenance level
  • Much more! 

Work With The Best Fence Contractor In Austin Today

Every homeowner deserves to feel safe and secure in their homes and yards, which is why high-quality fences are an important purchase to consider. With over two decades of experience in manufacturing, designing, and installing fences under their belt, Northwest Fence & Iron is well-equipped to tackle any and all fencing needs head on. 

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