Tips for Fencing Your Restaurant

A fence can be many things:

  • A decorative barrier.
  • A way to separate spaces.
  • An added layer of security to keep unwanted guests out. 

But what if the fencing around your restaurant could also make a statement? With the ideal type of fencing, it can be.

Why Fence in Your Restaurant?

There are numerous benefits to placing fencing around your restaurant or outdoor patio space. Not only does it enhance the curb appeal for patrons and elevate their experience, but it can also boost security by creating a divider between the road or parking lot and where diners are seated.

Enhanced Security

More barriers to entry mean more security for your restaurant. Your fence doesn't have to be tall, barbed, or made of concrete to deter unwanted guests from entering your establishment after hours. Instead, a fence can simply be an extra obstacle – with additional benefits beyond just securing your property – to prevent someone from even trying. Plus, it's a lot more evident to cameras or nearby bystanders when someone is hopping a fence versus walking in through the back door.

Have a restaurant in Austin that needs an added layer of protection? Get in touch with our fence contractors at Northwest Fence & Iron for all your commercial fencing needs.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Maybe your restaurant is beside an unsightly building or near a busy road. Installing a fence can create a cozy atmosphere where the outside world, as patrons know it, doesn't exist-- at least not while dining with you. Restaurants are about creating an experience, and fencing can help you do just that.

More Welcoming for Patrons With Dogs & Kids

Toddlers are quick on their feet, and dogs that catch a smell can take off in a second. Become a more pet- and kid-friendly restaurant with fencing that protects and secures your patron's loved ones.

Austin is already #6 on the list of dog-friendly cities popping up all over the country. By installing a fence, you won't be the hot spot pet owners skip over. A fenced-in outdoor patio can mean the difference between patrons with pets staying to eat or finding a more dog-friendly restaurant nearby. Adding a fenced-in patio is a simple fix that can attract an entirely new set of customers.

Separate Seating From the Road

Especially if your restaurant is situated next to a major road, it's a good idea to add some fencing to your outdoor patio area. Traffic bustling by your meal can feel invasive or overstimulating. However, even a simple fencing option can create the added barrier needed to make your diners' experience more pleasurable and private. 

Create a Patio Space & Decor

A fence around your patio allows you to add other decorations like plants, statues, or lighting to create your desired ambiance. This kind of decor can soften the effect of the fence or make it ten times better. Small details matter when it comes to creating an exceptional dining experience for your patrons, so it's critical that you don't overlook them.

"Installing a fence can create a cozy atmosphere where the outside world as patrons know it doesn't exist, at least while they're dining with you."

What Kind of Fencing is Best for a Restaurant?

There are a variety of fencing options for you to choose from. The best way to decide which one to install for your commercial space is to speak with one of the fence contractors at Northwest Fence & Iron in Austin. 

Ask yourself: What is my goal with this fence? Also, consider which style fits best with your restaurant's look. 

Decorative Fencing

If you own an upscale restaurant, you might be worried that a fence will ruin the atmosphere. However, a decorative fencing option like black iron can help you achieve the elevated look and feel that the rest of your restaurant embodies. 

Wood Fencing

A wood fence might be a good choice for your restaurant if your goal is diner comfort. The look of wood is more casual and comforting, so this is great for family restaurants, breweries, or other similar commercial sites. Wood is also less expensive than most decorative fences like black iron, so it's perfect if you want fencing on a budget.

Spice up Your Aesthetic: Fencing for Austin Restaurants

Northwest Fence & Iron is here to provide beautiful and modern fencing options for restaurants in Austin looking to make an impact with their curb appeal or give an extra layer of security. 

We offer commercial fence installation in the Greater Austin area. Let us help your restaurant achieve the look and feel you're after with our expert contractors, ready to take your establishment to the next level.

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