Warnings About Fencing for Your Dog

Our furry friends are loving members of our family, so we simply must do our part to ensure they’re protected at all times. This is when a solid and effective fencing solution is more crucial than ever. As one of the premier providers of fencing services in Austin, we have several warnings to keep in mind as you consider the best fencing for your dog. We’ll even throw you a bone with solutions to keep everyone extra safe and secure. Let’s take a look at how a high-quality fence is your best defense against your dog’s natural inclination to escape and explore.

“Many fence styles provide unintentional footholds making it easy for dogs to jump and climb over to freedom.”

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Fence Warning #1 Avoid Ineffective Spacing

One of the first mistakes we often see with iron and wood fencing in Austin is when pet owners install fencing with ineffective spacing. If your dog is mid-size to toy breed, this warning is especially for you!

Many fences have spacing that would allow dogs to slip through easily. This is particularly an issue with wood fence installations such as picket fences. Iron fences can also have bars spaced more than several inches apart, creating a prime opportunity for escape artists.


At Northwest Fence & Iron, we love being your source for wood fencing in Austin, so we’re bringing you a solution for your spacing problems. If you love the look of a wood fence, install a dog panel with shorter pieces to eliminate picket spacing without losing the aesthetic these fences are known for.

Another solid option to keep small dogs from escaping is to opt for a chain link fence. This affordable fence style is low maintenance and will keep even the tiniest pooch from squeezing through.

Fence Warning #2 Make Sure It’s Tall Enough

Is your dog a full-grown beast? Or does Fido love to climb and jump? If so, you must ensure that your fence is tall enough to curtail escapes. Many fence styles provide unintentional footholds making it easy for dogs to jump and climb over to freedom. We’ve seen many wood fences in Austin that are a security risk for pets and even other unwelcome guests.


When discussing different types of fence installation in Austin, we always recommend building tall, smooth fencing for security purposes. The slick surface makes it harder for your dogs to scale the fence as it removes panels and crossbars.

Not only will this type of fence help ensure your dogs stay inside their safe environment, but it also makes sure they stay safe from outside intruders by making it harder for them to get a grip.

Fence Warning #3 Install Digging Prevention

Let’s face it: If a dog could choose to do one thing in their yard, it would likely involve digging. That’s why it’s no surprise that we’re often contacted after a pet owner’s dog has dug a hole under their fencing in Austin. Not only do these holes give pets an escape route, but they’re also an eyesore for you and your neighbors.


After years of running a successful fencing company in Austin, we’ve devised an ingenious solution to this pesky problem. Defer digging paws and gnawing jaws by laying down a thick gravel bed along the fence.

While a seemingly simple solution, we’ve found that it is usually enough to discourage digging and chewing. This extra step will keep the base of your fence looking tidy, keep your neighbors happy, and your pets safe.

Fence Warning #4 Reduce Distractions

Finally, be warned that if your dog can see through the fence, they’ll find reasons to get through the fence. Unfortunately, we’re often called to repair fences due to broken posts and panels when one furry friend sees something exciting and decides to give chase. If your fence is worn and rotten, it doesn’t stand a chance against an eager puppy.


Unless you want to be the next Austin fence that we replace, consider getting ahead of the game by installing tight, solid fencing from the start. Wood fencing allows you to choose a style with no gaps and, therefore, no peeking. These high-quality fences offer no view of the outside, ensuring your beloved pet is free from distractions and safe in their yard.

Contact The Premier Fence Installer Austin Homeowners Trust!

Our dogs offer us companionship and entertainment with no strings attached. The least we can do is make sure they have a safe environment to stretch their legs in. Let Northwest Fence & Iron, your premier fence contractor in Austin, protect your extended family members with a highly secure fence that will last for years.

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