Wood Fence

While we specialize in iron at Northwest Fence & Iron, we have a passion for all types of beautiful fences – including wood. We build wood fences in many different styles and configurations, all of which can enhance your property and your curb appeal.

Advantages of Wooden Fencing in Austin.

  • Quick to install

  • Durable

  • Lower in cost

  • Offer great versatility

  • Can be used in a variety of applications

  • Adaptable to many styles

Advantages of Wooden Fencing in Austin


Even though some woods are pricier than others, wood fencing is cost-effective compared to other materials. Maintenance is affordable as well.

Easy Installation

Because they’re so easy to install, you can look forward to having your fence completed quickly, with little disruption to your home or business schedule.


While some types of woods offer better durability, most can be treated with protective sealants to extend their lifespan. Stains or paint can help protect against the harmful UV rays, although most woods are decay-resistant.


Environmentally Friendly

Wood is a renewable resource and wood fences are almost entirely biodegradable. It’s possible to treat wood with safe ingredients that will not harm the soil or groundwater while still protecting from swelling and termites. Wood can also be disposed of easily.


If one of your priorities is privacy, wood is the material that is best able to hide your property from passersby and nosy neighbors. You can close off as much space between the panels as your wish. Bordering your backyard with a wood fence is an ideal way to enjoy the outdoors without being interrupted, and perfect for those who want to create a feeling of seclusion.

Adaptable to Many Styles

No matter how you define your style, wood can be adapted to create the kind of fence that suits your taste. Wood fences can easily adapt to rural, suburban, or urban settings, and they can look as elegant or as simple as you prefer.


It’s so easy to customize wood fencing compared to other materials:

  • Lower fence height by trimming the panels
  • Change the fence color with stain or paint
  • Adjust the width of a gate
  • Add ornamentation or accessories, such as iron locks, bracket, or other accents

Wood Fence

Why Choose Ornamental Iron Gates in Austin

Spark your imagination by choosing one or more types of adornments to create a one-of-a-kind iron fence that shows off your design style and suits your security needs.

  • Pine

    • Affordable
    • Soft and easy to work with, resists shrinkage
    • Needs regular insect-repellant treatments
    • Not very rot-resistant
    • Pressure-treated pine resists insects and rot but the chemicals used may be harmful
  • Spruce

    • Affordable
    • Less durable than more expensive woods like cypress expensive woods
    • Needs regular insect-repellant treatments
    • The grain may be coarse or have imperfections
  • Cypress

    • Very durable
    • Resists insects and rot
    • Color ranges from tan to a reddish hue
    • Make sure it’s dried properly or it may warp.
  • Cedar

    • Naturally insect-repelling
    • Rot-resistant, so last longer than pine or spruce
    • Warps less than other softwoods
    • Western red cedar may have a distinctively red bark, but the wood is light brown with only a slight tint of red. It’s not too knotty and has a tight grain
    • Northern white cedar is, as its name suggests, lighter in color.
    • As cedar ages, it turns gray.
  • Redwood

    • Best insect and rot resistance
    • Highest durability
    • Steepest price tag
    • Panels can make do with lower quality redwood, but the posts require higher grades.
    • Will turn gray if you don’t apply a clear oil sealer.
    • Homeowners can add redwood accents to cedar to add interest while saving money.

Custom Wood Gates to Fit Your Fencing

Northwest Fence & Iron can also build wooden gates to match your custom fence. Gates can be ornamented with our gate accessories or iron accents for a beautiful finishing touch. We can create the fence and gate that’s perfect for you, using any size, style, or type of wood.



Replace Wooden Fences or Purchase a New Wooden Fencing

Whether your current fence needs replacing or you plan to build a new wood fence, Austin residents know that Northwest Fence & Iron is the fence contractor in Austin that will go out of its way to plan, design, and install the custom fence that meets all of your needs.

For more than 23 years, Northwest Fence & Iron has manufactured, designed, fabricated, and installed the best fence products available, Customers rave about the staff’s professionalism, skill, and customer service as well as the high quality of the materials used to build their fences and gates.

Whether you’re looking for more privacy or want to enhance your yard by making a statement, our beautiful wood fences can do the job. And we can build the fence that suits your design preferences – from traditional board-on-board or vertical styles to contemporary horizontal fences. No matter what type of property you own and need to fence in, we can easily accommodate your needs.

Please contact us to speak to a sales representative or view our gallery to see the types of fencing we can build for you.


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