We manufacture all of the Sundance line of products in our 50,000 sqft production plant, located right here in Austin, Texas this allows us, not only to control quality of the product but the ability to custom fabricate any job in a short amount of time. Also, because we use all domestic steel in our production, we can proudly say that our products are “MADE IN THE USA”

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Powder Coating

Diamond Coat Powder Coating Technology.

“Diamond Coat”™ is an ultra fine ground polyester powder applied to galvanized metal, utilizing sophisticated electronic equipment and heated to a high temperature (400 degrees +) allowing the polyester to melt and form a continuous coat on the metal. Powder coating does not require a primer coat and the finished product is far more durable than a painted product. The smooth flawless finish will not scratch or peel under normal conditions. There is no comparison in durability and appearance to a painted product and the finish lasts for many years.

Galvanized Materials

We use domestically produced galvanized steel to create our products. This means that all of our material has gone through a chemical process to keep it from corroding. The steel is coated in layers of zinc to prevent rust from attacking the metal. For quality long lasting fencing, galvanized steel is an essential component.


Our installation crews are not subcontractors; they are our own employees, trained and responsible for meeting our high standards. We believe that this translates into the superior quality and service.

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