How to Match Your New Fence to Your Home

A classic Austin fence can mean much more to your home and property than just security or privacy; it can also add or detract from the style of your home and neighborhood. Premium quality and professionally installed fences can increase your property value, elevate curb appeal, and help you create your own oasis. But matching them to your home isn’t as simple as some may think. 

The premier fence company Austin homeowners and home builders trust, Northwest Fence & Iron, has a few industry tricks up our sleeves to help you decide what fence will best match your home. 

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“Think of the space you want to create outside and choose fencing to match.”

Other Fencing Choice Considerations

Color isn’t the only consideration when it comes to selecting your fencing. Check out these additional considerations to help you decide on a fence that will elevate your home to the next level.

Consider Gate Installation

One benefit of fencing is limiting access to your property, thus offering greater privacy and security. However, you still need access on a daily basis. Where will the gates and doors be installed on your property? The functionality of your fencing may change the type of fence you want. 

HOA Requirements

Check the guidelines put forth by your HOA to ensure you’re not breaking any rules with your fence choice. There may be specific limitations on what type of fence is allowed. Neglecting to check this could result in costly fees, fence replacement, and a loss of goodwill among your neighbors. 

Fencing Material

The fencing material you want is a top consideration when it comes to fence installation. If you have kids and pets or a healthy garden you’d like to keep safe, a short rock or iron fence that’s easily jumped may not be sufficient. 

As a local fence installer Austin residents rely on, Northwest Fence & Iron offers a wide range of fencing options to suit any need. 

Painting After Wood Fence Installation

Even if you choose a wooden fence, it doesn’t have to stay in its natural tone. You can paint, stain, or even create a mural on your fence to complete the look you’re after. Reliable wood fence installation services can help you decide what stain, sealant, or paint color will be the most flattering for your property.

Create The View You Want To See

When you’re in your home looking out at the neighborhood or watching your loved ones enjoy the backyard, what kind of fence do you want to look at every day? Will a wooden fence block the view beyond your property? Will an iron fence make it difficult to see what’s happening? Think of the space you want to create outside and choose fencing to match. 

Match The House Color and Trim

Letting the colors of your home guide your fence selection is a smart move, especially if you have a particular aesthetic in mind. A dark-gray home with white trim, for instance, might be complemented by a white wood fence. Austin homes that are made in the Southwestern stucco style may look best with an ornamental iron fence

Match The Neighborhood

This is the simplest solution that takes the agony of decision-making and style choices off the table. Choose a fence that matches when your neighbors have to keep the feel and style of the neighborhood as consistent as possible. This can help improve property values and create a peaceful, cohesive look. 

Contrast The House Color

Maybe you’re ready to go for something completely different. If your home is white and you’re looking for wood fencing installation in Austin, choose a dark brown or black fence to create a visually appealing look that isn’t a cookie-cutter option. 

Match Other Structures Or Features

If you have outbuildings like gazebos, barns, shops, or playhouses on your property that change the look and feel of your curb appeal, use this as a guide to match your fencing.

Match Your Landscaping

A wild and cottage-style landscaping scene full of flowers, plants, and decor would not match the same type of fence as a minimalistic and modern lawn that’s highly manicured and simple. Let your exterior space dictate what type of fencing will work best for your home. For a cozy cottage feel, choose wood fencing. 

Get A Free Fencing Consultation 

As the top fence contractor Austin has to offer, Northwest Fence & Iron is here to help you choose the fence that will create the space you need and last for years to come. 

Call today for a free consultation and to learn more about how our team can help you with all of your gate installation and fencing needs. 

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