9 Ways to Prep Your Yard and Property Before a Fence Installation

Fences can fill multiple roles on your property. Fences can enhance your view of the backyard while keeping prying eyes out and preventing access to unwanted intruders. A fence can create sections for pools, gardens, and play to maintain a safe and tidy outdoor environment and keep pets and small children contained. 

There are so many lovely fences to choose from. Ornamental iron fencing gives a dramatic air to the landscape while adding a layer of security. A new wooden fence can add a sense of warmth to your yard. 

Whatever the motivation behind installing or upgrading your fencing, and regardless of the fence you choose, there are several key considerations to remember before any digging begins. 

“Whether you’re replacing a wooden fence or installing new wrought iron fencing, choose a style you will enjoy looking at for many years.”

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1. Check the Property Lines

Nothing is worse than having gone through the effort and expense of installing a fence, only to find that it’s mere inches too far in one direction. Now, you will incur additional costs removing the fence and reinstalling it at the proper location as well as covering any potential damages. 

Before any work begins, head down to the county recorder or assessor’s office to compare what you have drawn up with the official records. Once you know exactly where your property lines are, you can accurately mark where your fence can be installed. 

2. Learn Local Regulations

Some areas require a permit before you can install your fence. There may also be style, material, or color restrictions set by your homeowner’s association. While sometimes inconvenient, these guidelines are always intended to prevent unsightly additions to the neighborhood and must be adhered to. 

3. Make Sure the Utilities Have Been Marked

Most states or regions will have a “before you dig” phone number to prevent potential utility disasters from happening. There are underground power, internet, water, gas, and sewage pipes that could be jeopardized with one wrong move. 

Hitting a community line could have a disastrous impact on more than just your home and yard. Get in touch with all local utility companies to verify your fence placement before you begin digging holes for posts. They will send someone out to mark any potential danger zones so installation crews can avoid them. 

4. Plan the Fence Layout Strategically

Will the fence encompass the entire property? Or just provide privacy for your backyard entertainment space? How will it look from your favorite or most frequent vantage points? Carefully think through the angles and placement of the fence. 

5. Clean Up The Yard, Removing Debris or Obstacles

A reputable fence contractor in Austin like Northwest Fence & Iron will come with a full suite of crew members with the right tools and equipment to get the job done. Depending on the size of your yard, they may need all the room they can get to operate efficiently. 

Put away any children’s toys or outdoor equipment to open up the working area. Move any planters or animal pens to a central location to ensure they’re not in the way. 

6. Alert Crew to Areas They Should Avoid

Conduct a walkthrough of your yard with crews before they install your fence. Ensure they know what areas to avoid and that they’ve made note of the utility markings and property lines.

7. Pick Fencing Materials and Styles that Suit Your Needs

If you’re looking for privacy fencing, a new wooden fence may be the most suitable, as neighbors and passersby can’t see through. If you’re looking to keep pets contained but would also like to add a layer of elegance, ornamental iron fencing will fit the bill. 

For security fencing, you should consider wrought iron fencing for added strength and durability as well as peace of mind. Galvanized steel fencing is an ideal option for around pool areas to provide safety without obstructing the view. 

8. Set Your Budget

Having a new fence installed will vary greatly depending on your needs, the style you choose, and the materials you need. You can choose to install simple wooden fencing or ornate and elegant iron designs. Other pricing considerations include:

  • Cost of labor
  • Adding gates
  • Hardware
  • Ornamental features
  • Unique landscaping challenges
  • Paint or stain

9. Choose a Fence Design You Will Love for Years to Come

Whether you’re just replacing a wooden fence or installing new wrought iron fencing, choose a style you’ll enjoy looking at for many years. What style matches the aesthetic of your home? What will sit well with your neighbors? 

If you’re selling your home soon, choose something that complements your home and will appeal to most potential buyers. 

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